2023 exhibitors

Discover winning tactics for future critical communications Watch the video: Authorities manage a water pipe incident

Four exhibition areas

Visit four exhibition areas focusing on winning tactics – all in one space.

  • Heroes in the field How can you collaborate effectively as teams? In this area, you'll learn how you can
    stay in contact with your team members from anywhere – even when there is no 3G/4G/5G network available!
  • Situation room A room packed with new tactics to boost your situational awareness and preparedness. These winning ways make use of multimedia comms, apps, satellite images and more.
  • Field command center How can you efficiently deal with any incident with your team? In this area, you'll learn how field commanders can make the right decisions quickly – thus making operations more efficient, and even save lives.
  • Service hub  Learn how professional services from Airbus can save your organization time, improve efficiency, minimize risks and save money in the long run when bringing mission-critical broadband capabilities into use.

Visit the exhibition, grab a snack, share ideas and relax with your peers in this inspiring space!

Expo area



The exhibition opening times are: 15 March, 12:00–18:30 and 16 March, 08:30–16:00.

Heroes in the field


1. Mission-critical communications

How do you bring professional communications to your smart devices? How can you bring your radio and smart device users to same groups?

With Agnet, smart device users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect. 

Agnet won the ‘Best MCX Solution of the Year’ award during CCW 2022 in Vienna.


2. IoT for public safety

What can IoT and wearable solutions bring to professional users? How to integrate IoT sensors in mission-critical networks? How to provision IoT devices, users and their access to specific data efficiently and en masse?

Discover how IoT can provide better situational awareness for professional users – thus minimizing damage and improving the safety of field workers.

Learn more – watch this webinar: "IoT and AI – never before seen opportunities for public safety".


3. Mission-critical user experience

How can you stay connected when moving in and out of your vehicle, while communicating on your smart device?

Agnet backend and client APIs offer a seamless exchange of information between Agnet and third party devices, gear and applications. Visit this demo spot and you'll discover how to stay super connected when on the move!

Learn more – watch this webinar: “Where is the mission critical user experience heading in the next five years.”


4. Satellite communications

How to stay in contact with your team members, however far away they are?

Learn how to use Agnet and Satcom Systems from Airbus together. Make PTT calls or stream live video from anywhere – even when there is no 3G/4G/5G network available!

Learn more – watch this video: "How to stay in contact with your team members, however far away they are?"



Sentact app from epic.blue

5. Indoor positioning

The SenTAct app from epic.blue gives you all the tools you need to keep your people safe and your operations efficient.

The embedded Artificial Intelligence engine locates your staff and assets, alerts on hazardous events, and generates mission intelligence.

The app and AI engine are compatible with Airbus Agnet.


6. Mobile tactical networks

In mission-critical operations, fast, reliable, and available connectivity is essential whenever and wherever the operation takes place. Mobile tactical networks are a good choice, especially in areas, where coverage and capacity can be limited. 

Mobile tactical networks can also be used with a satellite connection to build coverage and capacity in areas where a terrestrial network is not economically viable, such as mountainous or coastal areas.

Situation room


7. Mission-critical broadband

How to plan your migration from narrowband radio communications to 4G/5G mission critical broadband –

What is the best way to migrate your TETRA network to broadband? What are the most efficient steps?

Build a smart roadmap for your TETRA migration: Download this white paper and avoid the most common mistakes.

Or learn how TB4 hybrid base station and Taira, a secure data center solution offer TETRA evolution towards 4G/5G.


8. Modern dispatching

How could control rooms be better informed, and thus send more accurate help to the scene? How to benefit from AI, multimedia and video sharing in dispatching? 

Learn how you can migrate your RCS dispatching solution into broadband communications. Thanks to Agnet, the control room can talk or exchange messages with people who carry a TETRA radio and also a smartphone.

Learn more – watch this video: "How to benefit from AI, multimedia and video sharing in dispatching?"


9. The bird eye view

How can you improve situational awareness with high-quality imagery from satellites and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)?

Learn how Pléaides Neo the most advanced optical constellation image services let you see the details of objects as small as 30 cm. Imagine the possibilities!

Or learn how Zephyr – the world-record-breaking UAS is capable of flying continuously for months at a time. Thanks to its reliance on solar energy, Zephyr’s flight time is carbon neutral.


10. Tetrapol evolution

What is the best way to evolve Tetrapol towards mobile broadband? Which actions should organizations take? How can you make sure that your broadband future is a success?

Public safety organisations are facing an increasing need for larger data capacities.

On this demo spot, you'll learn how Tetrapol systems are evolving to cope with these new needs.


Field command center


11. Tactical operations

How can you bring new efficiencies to your critical operations? How do you get a better view of incidents in real time?

Thanks to Agnet Tacteam, professional users can:

  • collect, process, and share data quickly and securely,
  • share and track the location and status of team members,
  • use intuitive drawing tools for developing and sharing strategies,
  • communicate effectively as teams,
  • analyze the data afterwards.

Learn more – visit this demo spot!


12. 360° Situational awareness

How to deal with crisis situations more efficiently and increase your crisis resilience – before, during and after an incident?

The Crisis Management System (CMS), including a 360° situation awareness tool delivers real-time, dynamic and predictive intelligence to crisis units. They will get the full picture of the situation, and thus provide better support to each other – and even save lives.

Thanks to this tool, the crisis units can monitor the crisis measures and their efficiency in real-time, as well as get predictive scenario analysis, so everybody will be better prepared.


13. Intelligent surveillance

If we imagine a water main breaks, flooding a nearby parking garage. Field commanders will need to know if anyone is in danger.

Due to poor visibility, caused by power outage, K9 – the remote-controlled robot dog is sent to the scene. It is  equipped with thermal sensors, which help detect possible victims and send an alert with coordinates to the Agnet Dispatcher.

The field commanders will be better informed, and thus can send more accurate help to the scene. For more examples – visit this demo spot!



14. Customised solutions

Agnet Turnaround is a great example of a customised end-to-end solution that has been designed to meet specific user needs.

It is an all-in-one collaboration engine that makes it easy for airport operations partners to share real-time information, cooperate together and shorten turnaround times – thus saving time and money.

RRF – France’s pioneering case for security and emergency rescue forces is another great example of a customised solution for specific user needs. Learn more about these pioneering customised solutions – visit this demo spot!

cyber security

15. Cyber security

How do you ensure your network infrastructure is capable of mitigating cyber-attacks?

In today's world, you need to be prepared for the worst. CyberRange – the advanced simulation, testing and training platform lets you simulate real-world cyber-attacks and system failures in a controlled environment.

With CyberRange, you can take proactive steps to not only prevent attacks, but also learn from them.


16. Secure networks

As critical infrastructure becomes more and more connected, the opportunity for exposure grows. And when your critical infrastructure and sensitive data are at risk, only the maximum level of network security is good enough.

With Stormshield Network Security, your organization gains the necessary safeguards to prevent, protect and respond to cyber-attacks.

Service hub


17. Professional services

How to save time and minimize risks when introducing mission-critical broadband capabilities into your organization –

Agnet Services will guide you and help you safeguard against blind spots, as well as take full advantage of the new broadband capabilities.

Find the service that’s right for you – start by taking a 2-minute quiz!

Or read this blog post: "Why 4G/5G migration projects fail – and how to make sure yours doesn't."