Best of SNUC 2023

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Top picks and highlights

SNUC gathers together remarkable individuals across the world. Here's a quick recap of 2023 event highlights: (See if you can spot any familiar faces!)

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  • speaker presentations.

SNUC 2023 group photo

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Speaker presentations

Keynote: How safe cities become even smarter, focus on Abu Dhabi

Presenter: Colonel. Dr. Hamad Khalifa Al Nueimi, Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarter

Keynote: Jalisco, an example of interoperability and evolution towards broadband

Presenter: Ruth Irais Ruiz Velasco Campos, Head of Urban Shield C5 in Jalisco, Mexico

Keynote: SIRDEE and the future of communications

Presenter: Mr. Enrique Belda Esplugues, General Deputy Director of Information Systems and Communications for Security – Ministry of Interior Spain

The “Réseau Radio du Futur” - a new chapter for increasingly complex critical missions

Presenter: Guillaume Lambert, Head of the French public safety broadband network program

Towards seamless communication across borders: the European BroadWay project

Presenters: Gery Verwimp Principal Network Architect at BICS and Yves Van-Tente, Technical sales & business development manager, Secure Land Communications, Airbus

Mission-critical services in the age of hybrid communication networks

Presenter: Camille Contant, Head of Applications Strategy & Portfolio, Secure Land Communications, Airbus